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According to a recent report from MarketsandMarkets, North America is expected to control a major share of the liquid handling market this year. This growth comes as a result of rising cases of chronic disease spurring a demand for research on regenerative medicine and genetics.

The biotechnology industry has shown advancements in the regeneration of cells, tissues, and organs, which have promising applications for many age-related diseases such as macular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. These potential developments have led to larger investments in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. The biotechnology market alone is expected to be worth $727.1 billion by 2025, a growth rate of 7.4% (Source: Grand View Research).

Liquid handling systems play an essential role in this kind of scientific research and diagnostic testing, where precision, consistency, and speed are requirements. IVEK is proud to supply high-quality OEM components and systems to such an important R&D mission.

Although there are various types of liquid handing instruments and devices, reports point especially to pipetting systems as being a key technology used to expand these future market opportunities. Pipettors are single or multiple modules used to transfer exact amounts of liquid from one container to another. They are utilized for their extreme accuracy and precision, reliability, elimination of cross contamination and especially, safety.

IVEK’s AutoPipettor for instance, is an electronically controlled pipettor designed for effortless, automated liquid dispensing. This system has six standard volume capacities (37µl, 75µl, 150µl, 300µl, 500ul and 1250uls), which are measured with outstanding accuracy. Not to mention, the AutoPipettor can be used for up to 12 million cycles without need for replacement parts or service. A ceramic-on-ceramic piston and cylinder set were specifically chosen to provide this enhanced performance for any application.

Results from the same MarketsandMarkets report conclude the global liquid handing market as whole is expected to grow from a 2.65 billion dollar industry this year to 3.74 billion in 2022. These projected gains are a testament to the cost-effective, reliable solutions consistently provided by companies like IVEK.

Our products are often “behind-the-scenes” inside many instruments and process applications. Many people don’t know our pumps or dispensers were involved in the design and operation of their instruments or dosing their pharmaceuticals. However, we reach a wide range of industries and provide unique liquid handling products for our customers worldwide. We’re happy to continue growing with our partner industries and take part in the advancement of these global technologies.