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Monthly Archives: September 2017


Becoming a front line technical sales person at IVEK requires more than a parts list with prices. Everyone on the IVEK Technical Sales team has spent time in all departments to understand its function and importance in the manufacturing of our products. This training includes time in our technical applications department to develop an in-depth knowledge of how IVEK pumps perform with fluids that vary greatly in chemical makeup. The Technical Sales person is considered our customers’ representative within IVEK. Averaging over 20 years of experience, each individual has been trained to work with all sections of the company in order to ensure IVEK can provide the best solution for our customers based on their specifications. Customer satisfaction is always our primary objective and it starts with our application worksheet and continues with our technical sales team.

One asset within IVEKs’ network that is often overlooked is our Independent Sales Representative Group. Covering the United States and Europe [Ivek Distributors are assisting our Asia based customers], this group provides a bridge to enhance communication between our customers and IVEK Sales, Applications, Engineering, R&D and Technical Service departments. They manage and interpret customer requirements by meeting with clients to understand, anticipate and provide answers to their needs.

Most of these independent representatives have teamed with IVEK for over 20 years.  Each representative is technically trained to provide local support and often assist engineering in the flow of information between the customer and IVEK. The group includes experts in chemistry, automation, biotechnology, instrumentation and fluidics. As Independent Representatives, this group handles a number of synergistic lines and can also assist our customer in the procurement of related products.  Contact information can be found at

Our sales team is not built around quotas, it is built on meeting our clients’ needs. The more we can help our clients navigate their sales process and the hurdles it presents, the happier our clients are. If you have any technical questions, feel free to reach out and let our team of qualified representatives assist you.