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Often we receive calls from automation and manufacturing companies who have problems with their filling and dispensing needs from other vendors. Typically, a piece of equipment has been installed that doesn’t meet specification or the filling is difficult to control. This problem translates to lost or wasted product, costing the organization a tremendous amount of time and money.

IVEK offers free applications testing of our customers’ fluid (or a placebo), prior to each sale. The benefits of free applications testing include:

• It allows us to determine the equipment and parameters needed to optimize the process. This includes auxiliary equipment (reservoirs, dispense tips) as well as optimal settings.
• We provide data testing for our customers’ specific filling/dispense requirement. This insures the customer knows exactly how the equipment will perform in their process.
• We provide a full applications form that documents the equipment used and the settings necessary to make the application successful. This can be critical for installation later on and has proven to be an invaluable reference for our customers as they expand or refine their manufacturing processes.
• If, for some reason, the fluid cannot be tested at IVEK, we provide demo/trial equipment to assist our customer in qualifying the process.

Free Applications Testing at IVEK means we won’t sell any product unless we know it works for your specific application.